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100% Honduran Gourmet Coffee Beans

Our history began in 1985 in Santa Rosa de Copan, a small mountain town in western Honduras, were Walter and Sheri Dunaway and a small group of friends founded Beneficio Maya. Originally established to buy and sell rice, the company began purchasing locally  shade grown gourmet coffee beans to export to clients worldwide.

Walter began the then-unheard practice of visiting far flung mountain villages and farms to personally buy coffee beans directly from the growers as a way to guarantee the quality of the beans and provide a better compensation to producers. Shortly, our farms were established and our gourmet coffee beans  were introduced to the market.

Our gateway to the United States market came in early 2000’s with the establishment of Copan Trade, our North American subsidiary. From our farms to your cup!

Personal and direct trade communication with coffee farmers, building a supportive relationship that allows us to provide exceptional cup quality. All our gourmet coffee beans are daily roasted in small batches while playing close attention to detail,  providing optimal flavor and Aroma.

Premium Honduran Gourmet Coffee Beans sustainable farming


Experience Our Signature Honduran High Grown Coffee. 

Features Sweet Fruity Notes, Hints Of Subtle Caramel & Cocoa With An Inviting Delicate Aroma.


Experience Our Premium Honduran Strictly High Grown Coffee .

A Rich Bright Full-Bodied Coffee That Exhibits Hints Of Spice & Tangy Finish.

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