Premium Honduran Roasted Coffee Beans 16 Oz Copan



Cafe Copan® 16 Oz. French Roast Burlap Bag

Our Darkest  Roast Profile

Roasted Well Into The Second Crack To Reveal Intensely Robust, Bittersweet Notes & Pronounced Smoky Overtones. 

Roast Profile: French 

Cup Profile: Intense Smokiness, Light Body With Low Acidity

  • Intense & Smoky



Product Description

Our flagship brand Cafe Copan® Original ,The Best way to awaken your senses every morning.

Its smooth medium body and delicate aroma is warm and inviting, just as coffee should be.

Our coffee beans are grown in the shady heights of the fertile mountains of Santa Rosa de Copan in the highlands of western Honduras.

This Premium High Grown (HG) Coffee Is Available For Purchase In Our Traditional Hand-Crafted Burlap Bags, 4 Oz. Miniature Burlap Bags, 32 Oz. Cans  &  12 Oz presentation .

We build Direct relationships with the producers and import from Origin to our Roasting facility (DirectTrade).

WSmall-Batch Roast to ensure a consistent profile, Preserve all complex flavors and maximize freshness.


Cafe Copan’s signature package, an attractive Hand-Crafted burlap bag containing 450g (approximately 1 pound).

It is a miniature version of the 150 pound sacks used to export green coffee to Europe & North America, but with an airtight inner liner inside the burlap to maintain freshness.

Unique & eye appealing, it is ideal for gifts, retail markets, gourmet stores & gift shops.

Many restaurants, hotels & cafes that sell our coffee by the cup increase their sales by displaying Cafe Copan near the cashier or registration desk.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3.4 × 2.5 × 13 in