Our Story

It has been more than 30 remarkable years since our company was founded by the dreams and vision of the Dunaway family.

In 1985, Walter & Sheri, founded BENEFICIO MAYA in a mountain town in western Honduras called Santa Rosa de Copan.

They began to purchase locally shade grown coffee, as Walter personally visited the villages and farms in order to buy directly from the growers. As the company grew, a few years later our own coffee plantations were established as well as our coffee export brokerage, INAGINSA.  Even today, Walter still works closely with our coffee producers, sellers, and our personal touch continues to set us apart.

The beginnings of our brands came when a small batch of our best green coffee were roasted on a clay griddle over a wood-burning stove then was ground using a 40-year-old hand crank in the Honduran traditional manner. This batch was given out to family and friends, and the response was incredibly positive.

Next, we purchased a German PROBAT drum roaster and a professional grinder to begin roasting small batches of the finest organic coffee to order.

CAFE COPAN® was born in 1996, as a premium coffee brand marketed to high-end grocery stores and touristic places across the country.

This success paved the way for the launch of SAN MARCOS SUPREMO®, with similar success of its predecessor.

In early 2000’s, COPANTRADE , our subsidiary company in the United States was created to open a direct gateway to the north american market.

So far it has been a great journey, with many experiences and relationships that have made who we are today.

Quality control and personal attention to our family of producers and customers are the pillars of our business.

Our spirit is more important than unfettered growth.

We take pride in each order we roast as well as,

  • sustainable farming practices in our farms.
  • preserving the rainforest and its biodiversity.
  • social commitment to our communities.
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